Andrew Vaughan, Comedian.

Andrew Vaughan. Comedian. Aspiring Single Dad.


Andrew Vaughan. Comedian. 

This is the page of Andrew Vaughan: a comedian from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. I’m going to write this as if someone else wrote a good bio about me and I’m not just talking about myself. That way when I read it I can picture it in Bill Curtis’s voice.

Born and raised in the south shore of Nova Scotia Andrew, despite rumours, managed to achieve his high school education in 2001 at Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School in Bridgewater Nova Scotia. Shortly after realizing none of the “stuck up bitches” (his words) in his home town were going to give him any of that “sweet ass” (also his words) he left Bridgewater and moved to Sackville, Nova Scotia where he worked for a year at Blockbuster Video.

After a year he realized his judgement wasn’t as good as it could be. He deeply underestimated the amount of women willing to throw their “trim” his way simply because he held a steady job and lived in his brother’s basement. It was time for him to move on. Andrew left Nova Scotia for the big city. Instead he ended in in Fredericton, New Brunswick going to St. Thomas University.

From the years of 2002-2007 Andrew enjoyed his time earning a meaningless degree and getting rejected by countless women whom he assured himself must be lesbians. While attending St. Thomas, Andrew found himself becoming a radio dj at the campus/community radio station, CHSR 97.9 fm. There he started several shows, co-hosted sever others, joined committees and even won 5 barry awards for his excellence in the field of making terrible jokes between 2 Live Crew songs.

After graduation Andrew moved back to Nova Scotia and eventually resided in Halifax. On August 31st 2010 Andrew preformed stand up comedy for the first time at Joker’s comedy club during an open mic. Since then he has been a regular at the Halifax Yuk Yuk’s on amateur nights and even doing guest spots on the weekend. He has played shows across the maritimes and even returned to Fredericton on a couple of occasions to to preform for their local comedy collective, The Fredericton United Comedy Collective.

In 2014 Andrew Vaughan Andrew received several weekend bookings at the local Yuk Yuk's comedy club. In the spring he was featured as part of the Halifax Comedy Festival's Homegrown comedy show. In the summer of 2014 Andrew, and three other comics, toured the Maritimes in the first edition of the "West Meets East" Comedy tour. 

In 2015 Andrew returned to the Halifax comedy festival to be a part of the Homegrown show for the second year running. 

In May of 2015 Andrew made his national radio debut. He aired on CBC's LOL which came to town and did a recording at the Toothy Moose. 

Then in October 2015 Andrew completed his first tour outside the Maritimes with Absolute Comedy. He spent three weeks on the road playing their Toronto, Kingston, and Ottawa clubs. He returns on a yearly basis. 

In June of 2017 Andrew recorded his first stand up album live at the Company House in Halifax. On November 12, 2017 he released the album which is available online and called "Too Fat To Go Kart"

To this day Andrew continues with his goal of telling jokes across the country and he one day hopes to find a box full of money.

I’m Bill Curtis and this has been another instalment of “American Justice”.