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Andrew Vaughan. Comedian. Aspiring Single Dad.

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 86: Wallberry


Boys Club Comedy Episode 86: Wallberry

The Boys are down a few members. Dan recently moved to PEI and Travis had some other things he needed to tend to so the Big Cat enlisted the help of Ol Swinging Dick Allen (his roommate) to help him put out an episode. They talk heavily about music from their youth, their embarrassing music phases, their thanksgivings, and since they've both seen It 2 now they break down why it missed the mark a bit.

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 81: Scott F'n Belford!


Boys Club Comedy Episode 81: Scott F’n Belford

We have a special guest this week! Scott Belford joins the Boys Club! Scott is a comic originally from out west whose been based out of Halifax for the last 14 months. The boys really pick his brain from everything to starting comedy to becoming a comedy promoter. This is an extra special long episode and on our our best!

Boys Club Comedy Episode 78: Paul


Boys Club Comedy Episode 78: Paul

The Kid and The Big Cat are together. The Big Cat is being a bit of a big pussy. The Kid brightens his mood by playing him a mysterious song that was sent to the Halifax Comedy Page. They talk about the recent spider-man/sony mess. Travis’ get away weekend, Larry Kings marriage and take a journey through the World Star Comment sections. 

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 76: Via Railed


Boys Club Comedy Episode 76: Via Railed

Well this is a long one but a good one. We rang in at just over 3 hours recording and decided to give you the full episode tonight! The Podcast starts out with Travis and Andrew talking about the recent shootings, Travis’ Casino show, the Wolf Man disease and more. Then they are joined by Andrew’s roommate Richard and instead of doing an extra the three went a full 3 hour broadway. Enjoy!

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 75: Neigh Too


Boys Club Comedy Episode 75: Neigh Too

The Boys recorded for OVER 3 HOURS tonight. What you’re getting tonight is Part 1 and on Thursday you’ll get our special “extra” episode Par 2 for free! They talk about their weekend shows on this episode, say goodbye to the Spludecast, watch some classic youtube videos, and create their own horrible Funko Pop ideas. Also Andrew doesn’t know what eggs are. 

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 74: Escape Closet


Boys Club Comedy Episode 74:  Escape Closet

The Big Cat is joined by the Kid. They dive right into it about a human rights ball waxing problem. From there we got lots of movie talk because of the recent comic con news. Travis got to see the Lion King and has a message for people who hated it. They talk intentionally bad movies, Great white Sharks, and they tackle the joke about XXXtentacon or whatever his name.

Boys Club Comedy Episode 72: Patrick Lazy


It’s time for another edition of the Boys Club Comedy Podcast! OH NO! THERE’S TWO SASSY CATS! DUN DUN DUN. The guys give a spoiler filled review of Spider-Man Far From Home, The Recent freak out of Ariel being black, Selling your bathtub water, ASMR, and the huge blow to Toronto sports fan. Plus a ton of more stuff!