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Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 30: What Happened?!


Episode 30: What Happened?!

All the boys are in studio on this one and the talk leans a little heavy on the food side as they are all super hungry. Dan learns he knows wrestlers from Ultimate Beastmasters, Travis tells us where we can go on youtube for a good cry, and Andrew tries hard to re-write a Nickleback classic and fails. Of course there is a lot more from the Last Nazi, to American Ninja, to 9/11. 

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 26: Get Your Hole Licked



The Big Cat and The Kid are joined in studio this week by hilarious Newfoundland Comedian Mike Lynch! Mike has been touring all across the world, recently coming back from Asia, and is popular with his characters he’s created in online sketches known round Canada as Cecil O’Brien and Randy Lee. The Boys Club is taught a lot about Thailand from Mike and then they go on to talk about China’s social scoring, Andrew’s incompetence with words, new comics, Nuru and they create a sequel to 13 going on 30 that’s not going to sit well with everyone. 

Boys Club Episode 24: Great White Hippo


The Big Cat is into the beers cause he needs to sleep tonight. The Kid starts it off strong talking about all that’s been going down in comedy lately between JFL’s Southern Momma issue, new Netflix specials, and Michael Che’s recent Instagram feuds. They talk about the James Gunn controversy, how people view the police having fun, how they’d kill themselves and The Kid makes a big announcement regarding the next coolest thing to happen in Halifax comedy. 

Boys Club Episode 23: Officer Open Mic


The Church of Common Sense is open 24/7! The Kid joins the Big Cat and they are heavy on the comedy talk this week. Talking about outdoor shows, parallel thoughts, and the most cringy comedy they have ever sat through. They also discuss the Chase the Ace Controversy, Hulk Hogan Returning, the Rugrats reboot, dick jokes, and a new king of white trash is crowned. 

Boys Club Episode 21: Vaughan Solo


The Big Cat is all alone and he attempts to give you a weekly dosage of the Boys Club. He tries to watch “Nanette” again but instead decides to just play something funny instead. Lots of talk about comedy and why it should always be “funny first” and a look at different comedic styles and audience members. Andrew tells you about a gang that used to be in his hometown and for a little bit he opens the The Kid’s Church of Common Sense to give a little guest sermon. 

Boys Club Episode 20: Marisa Toomanys


All the Boys are in the studio for this one! Andrew doesn’t know what’s up with his health, Dan wants to know what Andrew’s funeral is like, and we find out that The Kid has seen Boat Trip too many times. There’s a reading test, some talk about the comics ego, cloning, and Sassy Cat comes back in a big way. The Kid closes it out as he introduces us to ghetto musicals. 

Boys Club Episode 19: #followusbird


Travis and Andrew are back in studio. They talk about father’s day, sad animal videos, weddings, proms, dips, “special person day”, and much more. Then they introduce some new segments, try to get a famous TV bailiff to follow them, and create the greatest new stand up sensation. 

Boys Club Episode 18: Black Liquid


Handsome Dan was feeling a bit under the weather this week but The Kid and the Big Cat were happy to be joined, if briefly, by the only Breakfast themed comedian: Blackfast. He came, he ranted, he left. Then the remaining boys talked about the Netflix series “The Staircase” and the documentary “Paris is Burning”. They also discuss American Food, how to be a comic doing a warm up show, Andrews Guardian angel, 90’s TV dramas and more. They also answer a very important fan question. 

Boys Club Episode 17: House of Blankets


The Boys Club are back in Full Force. Handsome Dan and the Kid made their way to Tug Talk Studios to join the Big Cat. They talk some more about the Roseanne tweets, Slurs vs Curses, Halloween, Vacations, Japan, and they create a new element for Game of Thrones that will surely be a huge hit. Travis gets the jabs in, Dan pulls some pranks, and Andrew debuts his new song. 

Boys Club Episode 15: Josh Brolin


“The Kid” Travis Lindsay is back with “The Big Cat” Andrew Vaughan. They talk about their trip to Hells basement in Moncton, tweets than can get you in trouble, Netflix’s new show “Evil Genius”, terrible end to movies, emotional commercials, school food, bullying, Craig Robinson’s MDMA love, and much more. They also taste test Blue Doritos cause that’s good audio. 

Boys Club Episode 14: Sassy Cat


Travis is hot off the top because of a spiral of racist youtube videos. Andrew got a new tattoo. Handsome Dan thinks he should be the host and the “producer” needs to shut up more. They talk a bit about beers they like, birthday plans, trying new things, and much much more. Who is our one Google Play Listener? 

Boys Club Episode 13: Baja Blast


The Boys are back and they are on fire with their marketing ideas tonight. Dan shoots for a sponsor (for a comedy special, not his alcoholism). Andrew wins a guessing game then loses it all. Travis tells us all about appearing on the Halifax Comedy Festival. They are all wondering what tomorrow holds as they record this on the eve of a Roast. Dan needs to reign in the talk with a “ding” bell and Andrew realizes he sucks at impressions. 

Boys Club Episode 12: W(h)ine night: part deux


The Boys Club didn’t know their mics were still somewhat hot during the intro. This is the conclusion of last weeks night of podcast recording. Andrew is now entering wine bottle #2. They talk about a local Tim Hortons massive PR mistake, Dan and Travis make pad thai, Andrew needs to ask the boys for a favour, Fuck Anne Murray, Dan helps build a new soundboard, they discuss retiring material and so much more.