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Boys Club Episode 54: Return of the Handsome One


Episode 54: Return of the Handsome One

Dan Hendricken is back for a bit on the podcast and the Boys have fun. They talk about Travis’ co-headlining weekend, the Michael Jackson Documentary, and they end it off with some lessons for younger comics. Don’t miss our special Birthday shout out to Sarah from Intalkiscated that failed miserably. 

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 49: Boys Club, InTalkiscated


Episode 49: Boys Club, Intalkiscated

This is a special pre recorded episode of the Boys Club. The Big Cat is Ontario so he and the Kid got together a few weeks back and invited their personal friend Sarah from the Intalkiscated Podcast on to do a crossover episode. They also welcomed Andrew’s roommate “Big Dick Allen” on to round it out. Booze and other things were had and the conversation gets crazy!

A Verry Sassy Cat Christmas


The Sassiest of Cats takes over the Boys Club podcast feed for a special Christmas episode. He’s brought his best friends, his origin story, his favorite christmas songs, and letters from Santa! Plus we get some great call ins from Petey Boy and everyone’s favorite all black breakfast related comedian: Blackfest.