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Andrew Vaughan. Comedian. Aspiring Single Dad.

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 70: Paulie's Old Tweets


Episode 70: Paulie’s Old Tweets

The Kid joins the Big Cat. Both were away for the weekend in different provices doing comedy and they talk about their shows, crowd sensitive, and audience members giving you joke ideas. They also catch up with what Travis has been up to, pitch their ideas for new Rocky Movies, and The Big Cat gets a little heated. Oh yes, and bridges, he burns bridges.

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 68: Petey Boy Returns


Boys Club Comedy Episode 68: Petey Boy Returns

The Kid is busy doing CBC warm up this week and Dan is at the lake so the Big Cat called on this TSB, ol Petey Boy, Martin Edwards to join him in studio. The two crush beers and talk about Yarmouth, hosting shows, losing joke confidence and Martin shares a weird dream about Mr. D. This and much more!

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 66: Me Toe'd


Boys Club Comedy Episode 66 Me Toe’d

So Andrew made a big mistake that he explains off the top. It’s because of that mistake he’s not sure what they actually talked about ON the podcast. With special guest Casey Corbin! Casey is one of our countries best comics. He tours all over and has his own successful podcast “Talk n Wrestling” (on the Never Sleeps Network) along with various albums online (“Diff’rent Jokes” & “Vampires are Popular”). 

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 65: Exhibit McD

Boys Club Comedy Episode 65: Exhibit McD

The Kid joins the Big Cat in studio after a rough past 24 hours. Andrew has a “is it racist” questions off the top, followed by talk about their guest spots this weekend. They talk about when someone bombs so bad that they ruin a show, Millie Vanilli, the Game of Thrones finale, The documentary “The Lion Share” and we check in with a Taco Bell drive thru dilemma. 

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 64: Laqueesha


Boys Club Comedy Episode 64 Laqueesha 

Travis and Andrew are in studio. Travis had a good weekend of gigs while Andrew got rid of his nemesis : the treadmill.  The Boys watch a video of a man getting bit by a snake, the most racist school trip, they discuss the movie “American Movie” and the new Netflix jail show “Jailbirds”. Also a ton of more stuff that Andrew forgot about for the write up. 

Boys Club Comedy Podcast Episode 63: SH*T Happens


Boys Club Comedy Episode 63: Shit Happens 

The whole Boys Club are in the tug talk studios tonight for a very emotional and funny episode. The Kid opens up with some sad yet thoughtful stuff about heart ache, the Big Cat is going through his own shit, and Dano wishes he was at the lake. The Big Cat gets a little testy about an on stage DJ, The Kid fills in the gaps of their sketchy airbnb, and we find out how The Kid’s Sunday went. Plus much more! 

Boys Club Episode 62: Boyz Club n the Hood


Boys Club Comedy Episode 62: Boyz Club n The Hood

The Kid joins the Big Cat and they hold off on all Avengers talk for their patreon episode. Instead they talk about the passing of John Singleton, Fat acceptance, the simpsons Newfie controversy, and so much more. Plus The Church of Common sense is open for worship baby! 

Boys Club Comedy Episode 61: Pavlov's Hog


This week on the Boys Club we have a special guest. We have local viloger Harper McCormack. Harper was on the intalkiscated comedy podcasts live streams before shitting on fellow boys club member Dan Hendricken, and loves insulting local punching bag Scott MacLean. We talked about easter plans, missing dads, movies, guys harper fucked, what bars we’ve been banned from and the Big Cat is going through some shit. 

We also had our intern Sarah (from Intalkiscated on) who took notes saying we all talked about this: Easter, types of YouTube videos, the gym, doing muscle relaxants to get high, getting kicked out of bars, premium snap chat, porn with people you know, vanity licence plates, finding underwear, donairs, lots of cum talk, true crime podcasts and documentaries, dating murders/tinder from jail, penis sizes

Boys Club Episode 54: Return of the Handsome One


Episode 54: Return of the Handsome One

Dan Hendricken is back for a bit on the podcast and the Boys have fun. They talk about Travis’ co-headlining weekend, the Michael Jackson Documentary, and they end it off with some lessons for younger comics. Don’t miss our special Birthday shout out to Sarah from Intalkiscated that failed miserably.